Monday, September 26, 2011

Photos from Korea~September 26, 2011

[Temple day lunch with the Chos.]

[Cool sunset in Bundang.]

[View from apartment.]


[My arrival in Daejeon.]


[Used to be a McDonald's.]

[TCIS gym.]

[My elementary school.]

[The high school/middle school.]

[Cafeteria where I used to eat lunch.]

[I used to ride this bus.]

[Where I bowled a 222.]

[I used to eat here with my family.]


[Shout out to Jenny.]

[My parents.]

[Living room.]

[Jenny's room!]

[Mine and Jenny's bathroom.]

[Wood floor.]

[Same front door.]

[Boo and home.]

[Mission office.]

[Missionaries' apartment.]



[New suits.]

[New suits.]

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