Monday, September 26, 2011

Letter from Elder Rife~September 26, 2011

I've officially been a missionary for more than 6 months! Pretty crazy, huh? I feel like I have a lot more that I need to learn and to do in the next year and a half.
This last week we got to go to the temple. It was awesome as usual. Afterward we went out to eat with the Chos. They took us to a really nice wedding buffet place and it was awesome. I got to eat as much food as I wanted. I'm so grateful for the Cho's and for how well they have taken care of me since I've been out here in Korea. They truly are amazing people.
Then on Wednesday of last week I got to go back to Daejeon, where I lived while my dad was mission president! We had to go because my companion is Korean and had to get a check up for his army service. Every Korean boy has to serve for 2 years in the army. My companion hasn't done his service yet and just needed to go get a check up in Daejeon but he also had to go to his home city (Cheongju) and go to some hospitals there to get his back checked out. We needed someone to drive us around all day Wednesday and he got permission to have his mom drive us around. On Wednesday we drove to a few hospitals. Then on Wednesday night my companion's mom drove us down to Daejeon. Once we had entered the city she asked how to get to the mission office/mission home and I still remembered so I told her where to go. It was sooo weird to drive up the street to my house. I haven't been there for 7 years! I was freaking out the whole time. So once we got there we met the office Elders and I met President Furniss and his wife. They are really nice people! (Dad, President Furniss and his wife say hi! Apparently you served the same time as him in the 70's.)

It was only about 7 o'clock so my companion and I had two hours to walk around and go get dinner. We walked up to my old school and I asked the guards if we could walk around the campus since I had gone to school there 10 years ago. They said yes and we walked through the entire TCIS campus. It was at night time so it was dark but I still took pictures of everything. Jenny and Todd will probably remember it pretty well. After that we walked down the same road that I walked down every day after school to get to the mission home. Then we walked to the L-Mart where Jenny and I used to buy treats and ice cream. haha. I took pictures there and a video, which I won't be able to send until I can buy another SD card to send home. Then I went down to the restaurant that we always used to eat at and then to the bowling alley where I bowled a 222. It was so fun to be there! Then we got to sleep in the missionaries' apartment above the mission office. It was so weird to be back. I used to sleep there so often with the AP's and office elders. They still have a few of the same yo's (sleeping pads) that they did when I was there (kinda gross), so I slept on one of the ones I used to sleep on 7 years ago. ha.

On Thursday while Elder Jung went to a hospital in Daejeon for his check up I just stayed with the office elders at the office. I talked to Sister Furniss and she told me that I could go in the mission home and see my old room. I asked her if I could take some pictures and she said yes! The mission home is mostly the same but there are some changes. I'm sure my mom will love looking at the changes being the interior designer that she is. haha. It was so weird to be in the house that I lived in for 3 years. When Elder Jung got back we went out to eat with his mom and she gave us a bunch of food and stuff to take to our apartment. And she had our suits that we had bought in Cheongju. Then she took us to the Bus Station and we went back to Bundang. It was so much fun! I kinda didn't want to leave Daejeon. It brought back lots of good memories. Who knows when I'll get to go back again.
We met with 윤상영 on the same day and we decided to change his baptismal date to October 15th. We still need to teach him part of lesson four about commandments. And next week is conference here so we can't baptize him on the 8th. And this way it gives the Sisters time to teach his sister and hopefully to set a baptismal date with her. 윤상영 is a perfect investigator. Yesterday in Sunday School we were learning about temples and he was so excited. After we had talked about temples for a while he leaned to us and said, "I need to get baptized." He's truly prepared and he's so excited to be baptized.
We had a new investigator come to church yesterday. His name is 김일수. He's an older man and I still don't know much about him. But I know that at one point he had brain surgery and went in to a coma. He's a really nice guy and we plan to meet with him tomorrow. I'm excited. I'll talk more about him next week. 최병배 hasn't really been progressing lately. He just wants to Bible bash, kinda. He just doesn't really believe that we need the Book of Mormon. We are still trying to figure out what we need to do to help him. I'll keep everyone posted on him.
That's about it for the last week! It was so awesome to go back to Daejeon. I had so many good memories there. Anyway, I love you all!
-Elder Rife

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