Sunday, August 26, 2012

Letter from Korea~August 27, 2012

Hi Everyone!!

So this email might not be the most exciting. We literally spent 6 days cleaning out and fixing up our disgusting house. But it is now nice and clean! It's almost done we just have a few things left that we need to do.

Things we did last week:

Took off all windows/screens/bars and cleaned them.
Cleaned the black mold out from under the sink.
Killed thousands of cockroaches.
Cleaned all the cigarettes off the roof.
Threw out 500 liters of garbage.
Fixed bunkbeds and dressers.
Cleaned all of the moldy fold-up beds.
Cleaned all cabinets.
Cleaned the shower room.
Cleaned the bathroom.
Made a huge investigator whiteboard to keep track of investigators' progress.
Started organizing thousands of investigator/member/less-active records.
Mopped all of the floor.
Killed thousands of spiders outside our house and vacuumed all spider webs...that took 3 hours.
Cleaned out the fridges.
Cleaned behind the fridges (gross!!!!!!)
Cleaned and organized the shoe pit.

There was more stuff, I just can't remember anymore. Or maybe I just don't want to remember haha. It was pretty gross but we're glad that it's done.

Yesterday we had a good meeting at church and met with a less-active member from China. We are teaching him the new member lessons since he has been less-active for a while; it's going really well! We met with 지승란s and taught her about the Restoration and it was so good! The spirit was so strong and she accepted the commitment to prepare for baptism. We didn't set a specific date yet but she agreed to prepare for baptism and we will talk more about it next time and why baptism is so important. It was such a good experience. After that we met with more members and spent time with them.

I'm sorry I don't have much more to report on this last week!! Just imagine 4 missionaries cleaning a very disgusting house for 6 days! Made me very thankful for my house back in America.

Now there's a typhoon coming to Korea tomorrow so now we have to head home and go find some sandbags and block off our house a little bit because it's in the parking lot of the church and the ground is really flat so water will for sure come into our house if we don't block it off well. I'll take pictures now that my camera is working again! And I'll take pictures of our super clean house and send them all next week for sure!

Thanks so much for your love and support and prayers in my behalf!

I love you all!

-Elder Rife

P.S. There's a new Rife in the family. Rife Logan Hammer! I'm soooooo pumped! For pictures you can check my mom's blog.

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