Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Letter from Korea~July 2, 2012

Hi everyone!!

I don't even know where to start. Seriously so much has happened in the last two weeks and it will take me fooooorever to write everything down. We got crazy busy all of a sudden. I'm sorry last week's email was so short. We had no time to email last week because we were in Seoul. The last few weeks have been so full of miracles, it's ridiculous.

My first week in Wonju we met a man named 이대용 who is in his 70's. He was pretty drunk and had long hair, no front teeth, and a beard. He yelled at us for being 3 minutes late for our appointment and then took us to a little restaurant in the market and fed us interesting food. We never met with him over the last two transfers again. Then two weeks ago he randomly called us in the morning and told us that he wants to know the truth before he dies. So when we went to visit him at his house I was nervous that he was going to be the same way he was when we first met with him, but he had his hair cut and his beard was shaved and he wasn't drunk. He was super nice and just wants to know more about the gospel. So we are going to meet with him every Friday and read the Book of Mormon with him and teach him.

We met with Dhrubba last week. He's from Nepal. He wants to continue to meet with us and learn more about the Gospel but he is having a really hard time believing that there can be anything after we die. We're going to meet with him every Thursday. His best friend, who lives in Seoul, is also Nepali and is a member there so we are going to get a Book of  Mormon for him and have his friend write her testimony in it and then we will write our testimonies in it and give it to him. I'm excited to continue to meet with him and teach him.

We got a referral yesterday from an American member in Sinchon who has a friend here who is American and is having a really hard time. Her name is Melanie and she has known about our church her whole life but never wanted to get baptized. I talked to her for a minute last night but we didn't have much time since it was almost 10:30 so I'm going to call her again today and hopefully we can meet with her and help her this week!

We met with a less-active member who we visit every week and she had a friend there who loves Elder Kim and I for some reason. He thought it was so crazy that I could speak Korean so everytime I talked he would freak out. haha. So we are going to meet with them tonight and pick him up as an investigator. He's curious about why we are serving as missionaries and he wants us to help him with English. He has great potential!

Our investigator named 한창훈 still hasn't had any alcohol since we commited him to stop drinking! We're trying to help him get healthy again and we are also planning a party for his daughter's birthday. That way we can get the whole family together. All three of his kids are less-active members so hopefully when we have the birthday party we can see a miracle and help them get back to church.

Last night as we were walking home from the church there was a little kid riding a bike and so I said "Hi!" Then he said hi back. Then his mom said in English to him, "Aren't those the missionaries from your Church?" And he said, "Are you guys the missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints?" And we said yes. Then we found out that the kid is a member and lives in Seattle with his dad. His name is Brian. He goes to church every week with his grandma in Seattle. But his mom lives here in Wonju and is planning on moving to Seattle to be with her husband in a few months. His mom and dad aren't members. So we got their phone number and we are going to try to meet with them this week so we can be friends with Brian and hopefully teach his mom! It was a crazy miracle.

I don't know what is happening here but all of a sudden we got soooo busy. We dont have any time to proselyte anymore cause we are so busy! It just proves that if you go outside and try to make things happen then the Lord for sure will bless you!

We also met with a lady named Rita and her two sons last week. Elder Kim helped one son with math while I played games with the other one. We are getting pretty close with them. We are trying to share the gospel with them little by little because we don't want to overwhelm them and it's going really well. They see how happy we are and ask us questions all the time. As we continue to meet with them I know that we can really help them.

Everything is going so well out here and we are having so much fun. Thank you all for your prayers and support!!!

-Elder Rife

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