Sunday, May 6, 2012

Letter from Korea~May 7, 2012

Hey everyone! It's the last week of the transfer already. It was a great week.

Most importantly, yesterday we met with the ten year old boy we are teaching and we set up the date for his baptism. It's going to be on May 27th so everyone please pray for him that we can stick with that date! It's pretty solid but more prayers won't hurt. He's such a good kid and he has the cutest questions. He already knows everything from Primary so we are just going over it with him and helping him to understand more of why baptism is necessary. He's a little scared to go under the water to but he's excited. We gave him a Book of Mormon stories book too so that he can read it each day and he said he's gonna pray more this week too. It's fun to teach him because we teach really simply and try to explain it to him in a way that he can understand it. It's hard for me because it's in Korean but it's going really well. So he's the most important news from the week!

We also had a really cool miracle yesterday. We had met a guy while streetboarding a few weeks ago and he said he wanted to meet with us to do the 30/30 program but then when it came time to meet he called us and said he couldn't meet. We were kinda bummed. Then yesterday after church he called us and asked if we could meet. We said yes then about ten minutes later he was at the church. He's a way cool guy. Smells super strongly of alcohol and tobacco though. We had a pretty good first meeting and gave him a pamphlet to read before we meet again and a Book of Mormon too. We're gonna meet with him every week on Sunday right after church. Hopefully we can get him to come to church too. It was a cool miracle for us though to have him call us and meet with us when we weren't really expecting it. 

Also yesterday we finally met with 서현주 again. It's been a long time since we've been able to meet with her. So yesterday we went over to her house and talked with her for a while. We could only talk to her from the doorway because we didn't have another adult present so it was kind of a bummer but it was good to see her again. She's really stressed out because she has to move to Netherlands soon because her husband lives there and is working there.

On Tuesday of last week we went to a school called 셋넷 and taught English for service. They are North Korean people who are orphans and come to South Korea and attend this school so that they can become South Korean citizens. They don't speak any English though so it's pretty hard to teach them but it's fun. It's mostly so that they aren't scared when they see foreign people. It was fun though and was a good opportunity to serve them.

The rest of the week was spent visiting members and less actives and doing finding activities! It was a fun week for sure. We are trying to be more effective with our time, which is hard in Wonju because there are certain times when there just isn't anyone on the street and so it feels like there is not much for us to do. But we're getting better at using our time! This last week was great. I love Korea and I'm having such a fun, different experience out here in Wonju so I'm grateful for that. I'm excited to talk to my family next week, too!!!!

Thanks for all the support, prayers and love!


-Elder Rife

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