Sunday, May 20, 2012

Letter from Korea~May 21, 2012

Hey. I dont' have much time right now. We are going to meet up with Bishop Cho and go to visit one of his friends in Wonju who is less-active. So we need to leave soon to walk over to the bus terminal to pick them up.

So I haven't written in two weeks! Last week was a really good week for us. We had a Double District meeting in Kangnung last Wednesday because my companion had to do pass-off. The other District Leader, Elder Rasmussen, and I decided to put our districts together and do our training together. We talked a lot about the progress of the church in Korea and watched a part of "An Ensign to the Nations." Then we talked about the things that the pioneers and first missionaries suffered, along with Book of Mormon missionaries and even Joseph Smith. Then we talked about the things that we have to suffer each day as missionaries right now. We read a few scriptures together and bore testimony and invited everyone in the zone to commit to work harder to show our gratitude for those who suffered so much for us. It went really well.

Later that day we did zone leader exchanges and stayed in Kangnung for the night. The next morning we headed back to Wonju to teach English to the North Korean refugees. It was really fun and we are getting lots closer with them. We can't teach them about the gospel while they are in the school so we are just trying to get close with them and be their friends. Then one day in the future they can be taught by the missionaries, hopefully.

The rest of the week we spent time contacting on the streets and visiting less active members to try to get them out the Branch Conference on Sunday. None of the less active members we visited actually came but there were tons of others who came so it was great! Branch Conference was really good and we made a lot of progress with our branch.. We are lots closer with the members now. I was happy to see President Lee, too. He's such a good mission president. (Oh, Dad, he told me to tell you thanks for sending him a book!)

Yesterday was for sure one of the best days I've had in Wonju. It was so much fun to be with the members and get closer with them. After church we ate together and then some of the members were heading over to 연세대하교 because it's tucked up in the mountains of Wonju and is really pretty. Apparently lots of people from all over Korea go there just to hangout cause the campus is super pretty. So they took us with them and we walked around and contacted people on campus while they relaxed. It was really fun. Then last night we got to teach 이상혁, the ten  year old boy. We taught him about some of the commandments and focused mostly on Prayer. Then we played some games with him and had to hurry home.

I really don't have much time right now so I'm trying to hurry. Last week was a great week and the best part was getting to see my family on skype! I love you guys!

-Elder Rife

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