Monday, January 16, 2012

Letter from Elder Rife~January 16, 2012

Hi everyone!

So last week was crazily busy. We went to Seoul four times last week, which takes lots of time. I was pretty sick of being on subway trains and buses this last week. I feel like that's all we did!

Last Tuesday we got to go to the temple which is always super fun because I love the temple and I love spending time with all the other missionaries. Then we all went out to Taco Bell after. Weirdly enough, Taco Bell is actually pretty nice in Korea. Like Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut isn't a very nice sit-down restaurant in America but in Korea it's way nice. Then we went to the Korean War museum in Seoul. I realized that it looked really familiar for some reason, then I remembered that I had gone there with my school a couple times when I was young. 

After that we went to another missionary's apartment because they had a bench and a bunch of weights they didn't want. So if you are wondering, the answer is yes. Elder Dorrough and I did carry all of the weights and the bench from their house to ours. And let me tell you it was quite the workout. haha. But we got some amazing pictures and it actually gave us some opportunities to talk to some people on the subway. I don't think Korean people are used to seeing two foreign missionaries carrying weights and a bench on the subway train. 

The next day we had to go back into Seoul to have combined district meeting with our zone. We then went back home and completely rearranged our whole house. We switched the rooms and made a bigger desk and made a workout room. We also cleaned out tons of stuff and had the office elders drive up to our house to take some of our stuff to give to other missionaries. So now our house looks quite a bit better. But it's not done yet. We will finish it when it's Lunar New Year because we were told to stay in our houses most of the time because most Korean's will be celebrating with their families.

On Thursday we had a new investigator named 서미화. She's in her 50's and is doing the 30/30 program with us. It was a really good visit and she is a really cool lady. Super smart and has been like everywhere in the US. She texted us after and said that she felt happy after meeting us and wanted to take us out to eat whenever we had time. So we will be meeting her every Tuesday and Thursday. She's such a cool lady so we are excited to be able to teach her.

On Friday we went to the mission office in Seoul for Elder Dorrough to do pass off with the AP's. He finished half of it and we'll have to go back again sometime to finish the rest of it. After that we met with a guy named 이강원. He's 39 years old and has met with the missionaries for like ten years. He had like 3 Books of Mormon on his shelf at his house and the Gospel Principles book too. He had a lot of questions that were pretty interesting and I was surprised that previous missionaries hadn't answered them before us. We're going to meet him again this Friday and talk about the questions that he had.

Saturday we had lunch with a member family that we really love. All the kids are under the age of 14 and speak fluent English. They grew up in Utah and California then moved here a year ago. So we went to their house and had hot dogs for lunch. Then we went back to Seoul because one of the members in our ward was having a birthday party for their kid's one year birthday (which is huge in Korea). We got permission to go out to support them and we got to eat Outback Steakhouse with them so it was pretty fun.

Yesterday we had lots of appointments lined up but people got busy. We called them all on Saturday night and they said they were busy. There was a family that said they would come to church yesterday but then when we called them they said that they couldn't. They woman speaks really good English and told me that they want to come but her husband is American and can't speak Korean very well so he doesn't want to come to church. So we set up an appointment to go over to their house and teach them. We will go over to their house over Lunar New Year holiday and eat dinner with them and teach them. I'm really excited because they have lots of interest! Also, yesterday we got a couple of referrals. One of them from a kid who was visiting Ilsan from 이천 which is super far away. I visited there when I lived in Bundang. Then we got a referral from Jackie who is one of our investigators. We're gonna meet with Jackie again this week and we set an appointment with his friend for this week too.

That's about it from this week. I took some pictures this week. I'm sorry for not taking more. I'll try to take some more pictures this week.

I love you all!

-Elder Rife

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