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Letter from Elder Rife~October 8, 2012

Hey, everyone! It seems like this last week went by way faster than normal. This week I'm going to try something different; rather than going through each day and saying what we did I will just write a little bit about each investigator we met with and what we taught them. Hopefully this way you will be able to know more about the investigators we have and will be able to pray for them more specifically (if you want to pray for them, that is).

We met Brother Jang again this week but he was a little bit late for his appointment on Wednesday and we had another appointment with a member so we had to cut our lesson a little bit shorter than we had originally planned. It was the second time we had met with him and we went over what kind of expectations he has when he meets with us and some of the things he cares about most in life. We promised him the blessings that can come from accepting and living the gospel and gave him a plan of salvation pamphlet to read before we meet again since he had some interest in what happens to us after why die.

After that we went to a meat buffet with a member and seriously ate way too much food.. I thought I was gonna die. Then they bought us ice cream after, too.

We met with Sister Park (the former pastor from a huge church) on Thursday and talked to her a lot. She's still amazed at how when we meet with her we ask her "core questions" as she says. And then how we listen so well. She told me that I am the best listener she has ever met because I pay attention to everything she says, then think, and then answer her or ask her a question. She said that in this world there are too many people who love talking and not enough people who love listening. We got a little bit deeper with her this time about why she hasn't been baptized into our church. She's confused about the kingdoms of glory. She says we have lots more truth than other churches but that we don't have it all and wants us to explain more about the kingdoms of glory. So we talked about it for a little while and I'm planning on studying up more so that I can answer her questions. All of her questions really go back to whether Joseph Smith was a prophet, though, so I think we will talk about that.

Thursday night we had Ping Pong night! We had two members there and two investigators and we played ping pong and basketball at the church for a while then we watched the Restoration video together and had a testimony meeting together. It was really powerful and the spirit was soo strong as all four of us missionaries bore our testimonies and our two members bore theirs. We gave the two investigators (Brother Han and Brother Park) each a Book of Mormon and commited them to read Moroni 10:3-5 and try the promise.

We met with Brother Kim again last Friday. He was the guy who took us hiking with him over Chuseok. We wanted to talk to him more about faith and so we taught him about it and read from the scriptures with him. Then we watched the Finding Faith in Christ video and talked more about Christ and why he is so important. It went really well. We asked him if he would be baptized and he said he felt like he needed more time. Then he asked how we baptize and where we can baptize him. So we showed him the font and told him that it's something that God wants for him and that we will help him prepare. We are going to try to set a date for his baptismal service when we meet with him again tonight. The spirit has been so strong in our last few meetings and we know that he is feeling it.

We met with Sister Hong on Saturday after our English class. One of our members came and helped us teach. He was perfect for her and really helped her because he was really nice while he taught. She has a lot of philosophical questions and so our member really helped us because he knew a little bit about that stuff and could explain things simply for her. We wanted to teach her more about faith. She has been trying to learn everything but she said she still doesn't know that God exists. We read the scripture that says that faith isn't about having perfect knowledge and she was kinda shocked. She has lots of questions about heaven and hell and why bad things happen to good people so we read out of the Book of Mormon how bad things happen to good people but they are accepted to return to God and the punishments will be upon those who do evil. It went well. Then we taught her about the kingdoms of glory and how since God loves us so much he provided those places for us to go to. She didn't come to church yesterday even though she promised she would; she was sick. The members were really sad though because we all bore our testimonies and it was super spiritual and we wished she could have been there.

We also met with Sister Jee this week! We hadn't seen her in a really long time so it was great to meet with her again. We followed up with her and checked up on if she was still reading and things. We also wanted to talk to her about faith this week. It went really really well! We talked about how whenever we do anything there is faith. Because when we do something we expect a result and have faith that if we do it the desired result will come. So we compared it to how she loves studying English and how if she didn't think that studying would bring any results then she wouldn't do it. But since she knows the results will come she is willing to sacrifice the time to study. We applied that to the gospel and how if we have faith we must act. By reading the scriptures, praying, and coming to church.. And as we do these things there will be results. Or when we pray we must believe that we will get an answer and really intend to act on it.

We had lots of fun meetings with members this week too! We also found a great kid yesterday while knocking doors. He is from China and is a student here. He answered the door in his underwear (haha!) but he said he wanted to meet with us again this week!

I've been thinking so much about faith lately and how I can increase my faith by making changes in my life. I invite everyone else to try to find ways that you can show your faith to the Lord. You will be amazed at the blessings that follow!

I love you all!

-Elder Rife

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