Monday, October 29, 2012

Letter from Elder Rife~October 29, 2012

Hey everyone!

So I really don't have too much time this week because we have spent 2 hours to day trying to find a place to email and couldn't find one so we got permission to use our church's computer. But there's only one computer and we both have to email. It's been the worst in this area trying to find somewhere to email each week. 

Last Monday we had a big get together at the church right next to our house with a lot of missionaries who were going home. It was fun to see a lot of my friends in the mission one last time before they went home. It's kinda crazy how soon it will be that I have to go home. It's scary! I need to make the most of my time left. Monday night we had an appointment and then we did a family night activity with the Dongdaemun elders. We also got transfer calls that night as well. Everyone in my house left except for me. Elder Hatch left to a new area to train and Elder Rhodes left and is now companions with Elder Doman. Elder Hone went to Kangnam.

My new companion is Elder Kim Jae Kyum. He's super funny. He's one year older than me and has already done his military service. He's from the Southern part of Korea and has an accent so sometimes it's hard to understand what he says since I have a Seoul accent in Korean. But he's teaching me the dialect from Taegu, where he's from. It's way funny! The other Elders in our house are Elder Olsen (who is my younger group from the MTC) and his new missionary, Elder Moon. Elder Moon is also from the South part of the country and he and my companion are good friends. It's way fun in our house! They also made me district leader again. 

It's weird how little time I have left. Lately I'm really just trying to learn as much as I can and work as hard as I possibly can for the last part of my mission. If I decide to come home the 3 week early transfer then I will be back in 4 months. I still am not sure what I'm going to do but President Christensen told me to wait longer and continue to pray about it, so that's what I'll do!

Since I'm short on time I'll just mention one of our investigators, Sister Park, the one who was a pastor for a really long time. I feel like she is the reason that I stayed in this area. She has been making a lot of progress lately. She has many deep questions and last time we met with her she talked about what happens to us after we die but before we are resurrected. So we talked to her about Alma 40 and she was amazed that we had information on that and made the resolution to read more of the Book of Mormon. I have a really good relationship with her and she really trusts me and so I hope that we can continue to help her to read the Book of Mormon more and study more about the Restoration. I really think that she was the person that I was sent here to find. Please pray for her!

My companion is good and it's been really fun to be with him. It's been a change from being with another American 24/7 but it's been really fun. It's amazing how we can just speak Korean to each other. It's weird how natural it feels to be speaking another language.

On Sunday I was feeling really tired and we had been punked so much throughout the week that I was slightly discouraged. I prayed and asked God to help pick me up and help me to keep going and do the Lord's work happily. Then as we were sitting in church (I was on the stand because I was blessing the sacrament) I looked out at all the members and just felt so much love. Then as we partook of the sacrament I could feel the spirit so strong and was so thankful for the Lord helping lift me up. I think that's what sacrament meeting is all about, just lifting our spirits and feeling the Holy Ghost and recommitting to follow Jesus Christ. I love church so much! 

I've been thinking a lot about sanctification lately and what it takes to be sanctified. To overcome the world and be a true disciple. I love the word sanctification. Being pure and clean, a state of saintliness, a personal reward that follows personal righteousness. I thought of the prophet and apostles and the seventies. I remembered when I met with Elder Ringwood and had my interview with him. Our leaders in the church really have overcome the world. I want to be like that too. I feel like my mission has really changed my nature as a person and that I just have completely different desires than I used to.. That's what it's all about. 

I love this work and the gospel!

Thanks for all of your support and love and prayers!

-Elder Rife

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