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Letter from Elder Rife~October 22, 2012

Hi everyone! I don't have too much time to email right now so I'll try to write as much as I can about what happened last week. I have a bunch of pictures to send but at the place where we are emailing there is only one computer that has a usb port and there is a guy using it and it doesn't seem like he's gonna leave anytime soon. But if he does I'll send all the pictures. We have transfer calls tonight and I kinda feel like I might be leaving. But if not then I will probably stay here and train again. There are 16 new missionaries coming in and tons of trainers are needed. It's gonna be pretty crazy though. I've tried to not think about transfers too much though.

Last week we couldn't really meet with very many of our investigators because either they had something come up or we had some kind of meeting or activity. So Monday night we went out and proselyted and visited a member. Then on Tuesday we had Elder Hone's pass off all morning, which he finished! I'm glad he got pass off done and can now have an opportunity to be a senior companion. It will be really good for him to be a young missionary but also have to lead other missionaries. I'm way proud of him for working so hard and passing off! Tuesday afternoon we had a zone blitz finding activity but it was kinda rainy. It was fun though and we talked to a lot of people. Then we had English class at night.

Wednesday we had a blood donating activity. In order to do it you had to have been in country or at least a year. So Elder Hatch and I went in the morning. I pumped out a pint in 2 and a half minutes! They were really surprised at how fast I gave blood. After they finished everything I got up and told them I was dizzy in Korean and they freaked out and were trying to help me stand and everything. Then when I told them it was a joke they kinda laughed but kinda didn't. haha, it was funny. We spent some time with other missionaries that had served in I-mun because they had travelled a long way for the blood drive and wanted to see I-mun one last time before going home. It was way fun to be with them in I-mun and visit some investigators with them. After that Elder Hone and I went out and met with Kevin and then with Brother Kim (the one who has learned all about our church but doesn't believe Joseph Smith's story). It was a really good night and we good lessons with both of them. Kevin has sooo many questions and so we are having him read out of the Book of Mormon and pray and are teaching him to his questions. Then we tried to have a spiritual night with Brother Kim rather than arguing about religions. We talked for a while and then felt to share Ether 12:27 with him. He doesn't really like the Book of Mormon but he loved that scripture and said it felt like it was directed toward him.

Thursday we had a follow-up meeting for trainers and new missionaries. There are tons of missionaries going home this transfer and they all gave their last words/testimonies to us at that meeting. It was cool to hear from each of them about what they have learned on their missions. After that we went to KyungHee university and met with Brother Han and talked to him about the restoration and told him about so that he could see the new Korean website and try to find more answers to his questions. Then we visited a member on the way home. I love the members here soooo much!!

Friday we went to a college in the afternoon to streetboard and it was right during a huge festival and seriously there were thousands of people. It was sooo fun! We talked to tons of people and they were all so excited to see us. It was awesome. We picked up a new investigator on Friday night, Brother Kimbusuck. He was a college student I talked to like 2 months ago while streetboarding. He's way cool and we're gonna meet him again tonight.

Saturday we had English class and then we taught Sister Hong with one of our members. It was such a good lesson! She's really starting to progress. She's feeling more spiritual things in her life rather than just studying philosophy. She's progressing so much! After that we knocked doors and ate dinner with some members.

On Sunday Elder Hone and I got to speak in church about conference. I talked about being a true Christian. We had two investigators who were going to come to church but both didn't come. :( After church we had companion study and then we knocked some more doors and met with Brother Kim and taught him about the Word of Wisdom. Then we visited a member from North Korea. She's the most amazing member ever.

Anyway, I really gotta go now! I love you all!

-Elder Rife

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