Sunday, August 5, 2012

Letter from Korea~August 6, 2012

{Trainer's Training Meeting. Elders Rife & Elder Hone on the left.}

Hey everyone!

I was transferred! My new area is called Ee-moon and my companion is Elder Hone. He's from Ogden, Utah. He's so cool! It was hard because I am supposed to lead him around the area but I know just as much as he does about the area. It's been fun though to walk around and get lost together and have to try to find our way back home each day.

Last Monday in Wonju we met up with some of our investigators and had a last meeting with them and then headed home to get our transfer calls. I actually had reorganized our house and packed up some of my stuff just in case I got the call.

Tuesday was chaos. I had so much stuff, so I sent tons of stuff by mail to my new area. Getting it all to the post office was a nightmare and it took forever. And it was really heavy. But after we got all of that taken care of we got the rest of my stuff together (bench, weights and bar, fan, etc.) and had a member give us a ride to the bus station. Then loaded it all on the bus and then got it all onto the subway and then after a few hours we were at the Dongdaemun house, which is actually where I live. The Dongdaemun elders and Ee-moon elders live together, so I live with Elder Hatch. We came to Korea in the same group and we are both training. So our house is us two and both of our greenies. It's so fun! Tuesday was crazy, though. A day I don't want to relive.

Wednesday morning we went to transfers and then we headed to the church right next to President's house to have trainer's training. Then we met our companions and had lunch at President's house and then one more meeting and then headed to our areas! The Dongdaemun house had been completely destroyed by the previous Elders so we had to rearrange the whole house and clean everything, on top of unpacking. The house we live in gets up to 100 degrees and is like 90% humidity so when we were cleaning we were dying.

Thursday we spent some more time cleaning things up and we went and visited our Branch President and talked to him for a while about our branch.. Oh and our branch is the only branch in Seoul. So we met with him and then spent some time walking around our area trying to find our church. We got lost for a while but while we were proselyting we found a really cool kid who is gonna meet with us this Wednesday!

Friday we had lunch with Elder Rasmussen. We have served around each other almost my whole mission. His family came and so they took us all out to lunch. After that we had weekly planning meeting and went all throughout our area walking around and talking to people! Then we had a dinner appointment with a member and we really got to know her well. She is going through a really hard time so it was perfect timing for us to meet her. Elder Hone shared a message from the Book of Mormon and we talked to her for a while. She said she was really lonely and so we told her we will visit her frequently then she told us that we are missionaries and should be doing the Lord's work instead. So then we told her that since she is one of God's children that visiting her and helping her is the Lord's work and she started crying. It was a really good meeting though and we got a lot closer with her.

Saturday we had English class together with the Dongdaemun elders and then we went streetboarding in front of a big college and talked to a lot of really cool people!

Yesterday we had a great church meeting. Our branch really gets things done. They run the church really well and I was really impressed. The first councelor in the branch presidency knows my dad really well. My dad had called him to be branch president in a branch down in Daejeon. He told me stories of funny things that my dad had said and stuff.

After church we went to a members house and spent some time there. Several of the members gathered together and we got to know them well and Elder Hone shared another really good message with them and then I bore my testimony after.

I don't have much time right now and I'm sorry that I didn't go in to much detail about our week! So much happened and we met tons of cool people who we are going to meet with next week. We also got a referral from some other missionaries who is going to meet with us next Saturday. And we met a guy on the subway who is also going to meet with us next Saturday.

I'm so thankful for the opportunity to "whitewash" this area and to get to train a new missionary. My companion is seriously so cool and we have so much fun together! I'm so excited for the time I have in Ee-moon and the sweet miracles we will see here.

Thank you all so much for your love, support, and prayers!!!!!!!

-Elder Rife

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