Monday, August 13, 2012

Letter from Elder Rife~August 13, 2012

Hey, everyone!

Last week was so awesome! I don't have much time today but I will write as much as I can about last week.

Monday we went and visited a place called the Palace. It's in Gwanghwamun. It was really fun to go there and to take pictures and stuff. It was really cool! Then at night we went out on streets and talked to a bunch of people and set a few appointments with people to meet.

Tuesday we spent some time making a new English flyer to pass out to people when we proselyte. We took a picture of us four missionaries and put it on the flyer and then explained the programs. Then we went out and gave out English flyers and proselyted. We went out to get dinner with our ward mission leader to talk about the branch and make some plans. After that we had English class.

Wednesday we had Zone training meeting with our zone. After that we went home and proselyted then we did basketball proselyting with some kids we met at a university and we actually met some really cool kids there who will meet with us again this week.

Thursday we did weekly planning and then we went out proselyting and then we met up with some of the kids we had played basketball with the previous week and one of them said that he wanted to come to church. One of the other guys was born in Utah and then moved to Daejeon (just like me). So we got really close with them and they have a lot of potential for becoming investigators and coming to church with us.

Friday we went out to lunch with guy that we had met on the subway the week before. He took us to get octopus and then we got to meet all of his work colleagues and talk with all of them. It was a really good meeting and we are probably going to meet with them weekly. He is Bhuddist but he doesn't really do anything, just says he is. He said that he is okay with learning more about our religion. After that we worked on member message cards for our members and then we went out streetboarding with the Dongdaemun elders and then we knocked doors.

Saturday night we worked more on the member message cards and then we taught English class. After dinner we got punked twice, so we went and knocked doors for the rest of the night but we didn't have too much luck.

Sunday we had church and Elder Hone and I taught the 12-17 year old sunday school class and then spent some time after church getting to know more of the members. We had companionship study and then worked more on the member cards (which are sweet!!) and then we went back to the church and met with our new investigator named 지승란. She's 24 and is a student here. She's really good at English and was a referral from other missionaries. She wants help with English but she said that she really wants to know gospel stuff too. Elder Hone and I shared our favorite scriptures with her and set things up for our future visits and things went sooo well! I really think she is prepared. Her heart is open to the gospel. So we are really excited about her. Please pray for her too so that she can feel the urge to come to church and so that she can feel the spirit as we teach.

After that we had planned on going out and proselyting on the street but it was pouring rain so we spent a little bit more time knocking doors and we actually got into one!! It was awesome. The lady told us a little about her church and we explained about ours and shared the Book of Mormon with her. She was pretty old though and so she said (what most old Korean people say) "I'm too old for this.. Go try to share it with the younger people who need it." So then we testified that she needed it too but then she told us that she didn't want to know more. It was a really fun experience though and it was good practice for me and Elder Hone to teach together.

So I feel like a lot of what happened last week didn't actually make it into this email. We met soo many cool people and we set a lot of appointments for this week so we should have a lot more people to talk about in the future. I'm excited though. So many new people are coming up each day and are having interest. It just shows that no matter who you are if you try to do the Lord's work He will help you to have success. I know that gospel is true and is the only way to find real happiness. Thanks for all your support and prayers!!

-Elder Rife

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