Thursday, July 12, 2012

Letter from Korea~July 9, 2012

Seriously so much crazy stuff has happened in the last week that I don't even know where to start!!

I'll try to write down a couple things from each day last week. If I try to write everything then it will take me hours but I'll try to write something from each day!

Last Monday I worked out for p-day and then we met with a less-active sister named 안순을 (she's the single mom). We met with her and her two kids and a guy that she is kind of dating. He's really nice and they referred him to us. We're going to try to meet with him tonight and get closer with him and introduce the gospel message to him.

Last Tuesday we met with a member and with her less active friend and gave her a blessing then ate lunch with them. After that we went to the church to meet with 홍모영; she really wants to learn English. She brings two of her friends with her when we meet. Last time we met we talked about how our purpose as missionaries isn't teaching English but teaching the gospel. They were really impressed with us and willing to listen to our message. 

Wednesday was district meeting in 태백 which means that Elder Kim and I took a 2 hour and 45 minute train ride all morning. District meeting was on the Christlike attributes. Each of us gave a ten-minute talk about one of the attributes. I really love having everyone in the district get time to teach and share their testimonies rather than just me up there talking for an hour and a half. It was really good to hear from everyone. We talked about faith (Elder Kim), hope (Elder Decker), patience (Elder Cho), and I talked about diligence. Not because I'm a diligent missionary but because I want to be a diligent missionary!

After that we ate lunch together and then did a mini exchange for a few hours. I went with Elder Decker and talked to him for a while and spent time proselyting together. Then Elder Kim and I caught the train back to Wonju and got home around 7:30.

Oh, I forgot to say that last week it rained everyday without stopping! In Wonju there are crazy thunderstorms! One night I woke up and thought North Korea was attacking us. We're surrounded by mountains so when the lightning strikes it just echoes and echoes through the city. 

Last Thursday it rained like crazy. We taught English to the North Korean defactors and then worked our way back home in the rain while trying to proselyte. Then we visited a less-active member in his BrauHaus bar. That was the first time I've been to a bar! It was crazy! Just kidding, we drank sprite. :) It was good to talk to him and  he is a way cool guy.

Friday was really an intense day. We studied and had lunch then went to visit a less-active member who we had made an appointment with. Her name is 구연향; she is seriously the coolest lady ever and is so nice. She had us over to give her mother, who has Parkinson's disease, a blessing. She also told us about how she had gone to a different church and really didn't like it but felt bad for going so we assured her that it was okay but that she needs to start coming back to church again.

We walked in the rain to our next appointment with the older man who wants to learn the gospel before dying. When we went into his house he was laying on the floor surrounded by bottles of alcohol. He told us to come back next week. We went back to our house to have weekly planning meeting but he called us right when we got home and told us that he was sick and didn't have enough energy to get up to get food and he needed our help. We went back to his house again in the rain and tried to help him. While we were there a Bhuddist monk called his phone and he gave the phone to my companion. The monk told my companion that 이대용 hadn't eaten anything but alcohol in 5 days and was going to die soon so we had better get him to the hospital. So my companion called 119 (911 in Korea) while I tried to convince Brother Lee to go to the hospital. He wouldn't agree to go so the ambulance wouldn't come. We tried to get him to eat but he wouldn't eat. He then showed us some medicine that he had and was going to take when he wanted to die. We couldn't convince him to do anything.. So we gave him a blessing and then got his food ready and then left. Before we left I took the medicine that he was going to take and threw it away. We went to dinner with one of our investigators and her family and while we were there Brother Lee called me and asked me where his medicine was. I told him I didn't know. He is doing okay now. He ate food and he's going to meet with us this week. It was a pretty intense day.

Saturday we went to Kangnung to meet President Christensen and his wife. They are soooo cool! They both bore their testimonies to us in Korean. I'm really excited for all of the things I will be able to learn from them throughout the rest of my mission. I know they were called of God to be our mission president and mission mom!

By the time we got home we didn't have much time to do anything. We proselyted and met two really cool guys! One of them wants us to meet with him and his two sons. The other one wants to meet with us and bring all of his friends! Big miracles!

We went out to eat with 이상혁 and his family before they go to America for the summer. He is the kid we baptized. He's doing really well and is way excited to go to America!

Yesterday we had church and then we met with a lady and her daughter and one of our members and taught them. Then we visited some other investigators in their store and then we had a dinner appointment with our ward members. I don't have much more time so I need to go! Our week was really intense last week! I've never been more tired in my life and the rain and hot weather is destroying me.. But we are having so much fun doing the Lord's work!

I gotta go. I love you all!

-Elder Rife

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