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Letter from Korea~June 4, 2012

Hey everyone!

Last week we traveled so much. It was a fun week though and we met with three new investigators! Last week on Tuesday after we emailed we went over by one of the college campuses to meet with two ladies who had set an appointment with us. They are in their 40's and are really nice. They wanted to do our 30/30 english program with us once a week so we started doing that. We told them why we came to Korea and introduced our message to them and they really have a lot of interest so we are excited about meeting them once a week.

Last Wednesday we had district meeting here in Wonju and we did a General Conference review. I had everyone in our district choose one talk from conference and then we watched them all. After each talk we said why that talk was our favorite talk and talked about it for a minute and talked about how we could apply what we learned to our missionary work. After that it was a really rainy day so Elder Kim and I called records for a while. Then we went over to teach 이상혁 the last few commandments that we had to teach him before his baptism.

Thursday was a super busy day! We had weekly planning meeting after we finished studying then we went out to eat lunch with one of our less active members. After that we went to the bus station so that I could go to ChunCheon to renew my visa so they don't kick me out of Korea. It was about an hour and a half bus ride and then a twenty minute taxi ride to the place where I was supposed to go to renew my visa. After a little while there we got it all taken care of. For some reason they made me pay more money but it was all okay. After that we had to go into Seoul to spend the night. We rode the ITX bullet train from ChunCheon into Seoul. A really cool guy sat next to me so I got to talk to him for 50 minutes about his life and his family and about why I'm in Korea and stuff; it was really fun. Then that night we ran to Costco to grab some food and then we headed to DongDaeMun to spend the night there.

Friday was our Zone Conference. It was the Health Conference with doctors. We learned from them about how to be healthy and that kind of stuff. It was good but really long. And after that Elder Kim was doing his pass off with the assistants for two hours so I just sat and talked to the doctors and their wives for a while. Then we finally left Seoul and barely made our bus back to Wonju and got home at about 8:45 PM.

Saturday we taught English at Golden Voice and then went to a meat buffet with them but then nobody came to our English class so we just called people that we have needed to call to set up appointments. Then we met with 정진택. He hadn't really been progressing at all but he has been reading the Book of Mormon a lot lately and comes with lots of questions for us about what he reads. So we talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and bore our testimonies about it and it was a really good meeting. I think that as we meet with him over time that his heart will be softened, especially as he feels the spirit. 

After that we met with a new investigator named 이주원. He's in his 30's and we met on the street a few weeks ago. He's a way cool guy but he's always out partying and drinking and stuff. He took us out to eat at a restaurant and then he wanted to start drinking but we told him that we don't drink and that we don't want to be with him when he drinks but then he started drinking anyway and then the meeting got a little out of hand. He was mad that we had to leave to go home. Then he wanted me to drive his car for him since he was drunk but I said no and he got mad again. Then finally we agreed to ride a taxi together and we made it home pretty late. He's a great guy but not the greatest guy once he gets drunk so from now on we aren't gonna meet with him if he's gonna drink.

Sunday we had good meetings at church and then we met with 김동욱. Before he really couldn't focus when we met. He would always turn on music and then randomly get up and leave and come back with drinks and stuff like that but this time he wasn't like that. We shared a lot about the Book of Mormon and answered a lot of his questions and we made progress with him. We bore our testimonies and he really felt it. Then he said that he wanted to meet us with some of his friends so he's gonna try to bring his friends with him from now on. After that we went streetboarding for a few hours and talked to lots of really cool people. Then we went home and ate dinner and headed to the bus station to pick up our zone leaders. They came to Wonju to interview 이상혁 for baptism and stayed the night here last night because they have to go to Seoul tonight. The baptismal interview went really well, but we are moving the date to the 17th of June so that his dad can be there.

Last week was great! We have lots of cool stuff lined up for this week too! Thanks for all your support. Love you all!

-Elder Rife

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