Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Letter from Korea~April 17, 2012

Last week was such an awesome week! We saw tons of miracles and we picked up four new investigators. It was such a fun week.

Tuesday we went out and proselyted for most of the day. We also met with 서현주 and had lunch with her. We had heart attacked her house and written 2 Nephi 25:26 on one of the hearts and wrote our testimonies and challenged her to pray about the Book of Mormon on the night before. When she met with us she said that she had had such a bad day and got home late and when she saw the hearts she was so happy and felt our love. She said that she read the scripture and had a great experience and prayed about the Book of Mormon and she is beginning to feel good feelings when she prays about it. So it was good to make progress with her. But now we are running into a problem because we can't meet with her unless there is another adult present and we are having a hard time finding someone to meet with us. Usually her mom is there taking care of Sister Suh's kids but lately she has been busy so we haven't been able to visit her. So we're trying to make a new plan for her.

On Wednesday we had district meeting and our zone leaders came so that they could do exchanges with my companion and I. After district meeting we all ate together and then started exchanges with the zone leaders. Instead of me going to their area like we had planned we decided that all four of us would stay in Wonju to avoid all of the travel time. So I was with an Elder Larson and my companion was with Elder Dean (who also served in il-san). We all streetboarded in the busiest part of our little city and we talked to lots of people and then English-flyered for our English class. After that we took the zone leaders to our house to drop off their stuff then Elder Larson and I went out to visit some less active members on the other side of the city. We visited one but she wasn't home and then as we were leaving the apartment complex a guy started talking to us. He was in his 60's and we later found out that he and his wife had had missionaries over to their house several times for dinner more than 30 years ago. We talked with him for a little while and then we asked him if he could meet again and he looked at his watch and then said, "what are you guys doing now? Have you eaten?" And we hadn't so he immediately took us into his house and his wife prepared some food for us. They were amazed by the fact that we could actually speak to them in Korean. After we ate the wife told us about how she had always been looking for the right church but never felt like she found it so she just reads the scriptures and prays at home. She said she has read some of the Book of Mormon but she doesn't know how she feels about it yet. So my companion and I are going to try to go back on Thursday and meet with them again and teach them more! It was an awesome miracle for us to meet them. Oh, and they never actually told me their Korean names. The old man told me to call him Gray Joe cause he has gray hair; and his wife never said her name.

On Thursday we spent most of the day out on the street talking to people and then we had a planning meeting for the next week.

On Friday we had lots of time so we went out and heart attacked some of the members' front doors and then we met with a former investigator named 이대용. He's an older man that the missionaries met with a long time ago. My companion called him and set up an appointment with him and we met him. He has no teeth so it's hard for me to understand him when he talks. He wants us to keep meeting with him and to teach him more about the Book of Mormon. After we met with him we went home and we ate dinner and then went and knocked doors for the rest of the night! We met lots of nice people who opened their doors and listened to us for a minute or so but the rest told us they were busy. It's always fun though.

Saturday was our English day. We did our English service project called Golden Voice where we go teach an English class at the library. Then we ate lunch with the Golden Voice members and then they took us to the church so we could teach our English class. Only two people came so we did a short class. Then we met with Brother Jung. He's always fun to meet with but he attends another church every week. We helped him with English for a while then we read the intro to the Book of Mormon. He had lots of questions so we talked for a while and next time we are going to watch the Restoration with him.

Sunday was another sweet miracle day! We went to church and after the first meeting started we ran downstairs to grab some books and we saw a man we had never seen before. Turns out he was a guy that I had called earlier in the week when we were calling former records. When I called him he said that he would try to come to church so I didn't think too much of it but I wrote down his name in my planner just in case. Then when I saw him I asked him if he was 천동희 and he said yes. We were so happy that he actually came! So he was there for all three hours and we gave him a Book of Mormon and helped answer his questions that he had throughout the classes. Then after sacrament meeting we talked for a while and set up another appointment for next Sunday after church. We're going to watch the Restoration with him too. He's such a cool guy. After church we went home and ate then went out and knocked doors for a couple of hours. Then we went and visited a less active lady. She wants to learn English and she wants us to teach her son. He's 10 years old and comes to church but hasn't been baptized. So we set it up that we will help her with English each week and we will teach her son after church and prepare him to get baptized in a month or so.

It was such a fun week and I'm so glad to be in Wonju. Things are starting to pick up and we're having lots of fun out here! And I'm learning lots of new Korean from my companion so that's good too. Yesterday we got to go to the beach for our zone activity so I'll attach some pictures too. Love you all!!

-Elder Rife

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