Monday, February 6, 2012

Letter from Elder Rife~February 6, 2012

It's kinda crazy how fast things are going by lately. It really seems like this transfer just barely started yet it's already almost over. One week from now we will be getting transfer calls and yet again I will be hoping to stay in my area. I think that two transfers in an area is too short. But four of five is kinda too long. I just want to be able to stay at least 3! I love my area and my companion and I love our investigators and members so much. Leaving will be painful. But I didn't want to leave Bundang either. The Lord has a plan for me and I've gotta do what He asks, so whatever happens will be for the best.

On Tuesday this week we met with 이강원 and 유재무. We've really been stressing faith with both of these investigators. Brother Lee is having a hard time wanting to come to church. We asked him if he wants to know that the Book of Mormon is true and he said.. YES!! Then we promised him that he could receive his answer by putting forth his faith to come to church. Then we told him that since it was fast Sunday we would be speaking in Korean at church and he said he would come. He said that he wasn't coming for his answer though but just to hear us speak Korean. Kind of a bummer. Brother Yoon lives far away from here but works here during the week. We met with him and read the Book of Mormon together and talked about prophets and how God has shown His love for us by giving us the Book of Mormon. He accepted a soft baptismal commitment and we are trying to work with him to get closer to baptism. He said that he is really lazy on Sunday so he doesn't really want to go to church. Plus he wouldn't be coming to our ward since he lives far away on the weekends.

On Wednesday we met with 조명옥 and 소춘애. They are so awesome. They love to read the Book of Mormon in English and talk about it. Both of their husbands have passed away and so we had them read Alma chapter 40 before we met last week. They both said they learned so much from the chapter that they didn't know. Sister So said that she didn't know that there was anything between death and the resurrection. When she asked her preacher he just told her that it wasn't important. haha. They both said they think the Book of Mormon is true so we want to talk with them about the importance of baptism. Sister So came to church yesterday and met up with lots of the people she knew from when she attended our church a couple times last year. It was really good for her and she will probably come again next week.

On Thursday we got together with our district and streetboarded here in Ilsan. It was supposedly the coldest day in Korean in years. It was super fun though; we talked to lots of people!

Then on Friday we went to Gwanghwamun! Elder Dorrough got to finish all of his pass off stuff then we celebrated with a cheeseburger after with the AP's. It's always fun to go out with other missionaries and to go to Gwanghwamun. It's a really cool area of Seoul and almost all tourists go there when they come to Korea.

Saturday we met with Eddie. Eddie was the one who just randomly showed up at the church and then we taught him about why people in our church are so happy. We talked more about that yesterday and talked more about the plan of salvation. He's been keeping commitments and we will continue to meet with him every Saturday. He's such a great guy!

Yesterday was fast Sunday which is always hard as a missionary. Especially when you eat like I do. But it was really good. I have seen lots of miracles on my mission through fasting. We had two investigators come to church and we bore our testimonies in church. I talked about the Book of Mormon and facing trials and how strong my mom is and the example she shows. I shared Mosiah 24:15. Then Elder Dorrough talked about Joseph Smith and the Restoration. Then last night we met with 채은희 and Chris again! It was so much fun. We talked a lot and got a lot closer and played with Aiden for a while. We didn't have a lot of time last night so we didn't get to teach that much but we asked about what they had learned from previous missionaries and we will teach them the first lesson next week. They are such a great family and we really love them so much.

This last week was really good. We've been seeing lots of miracles lately and we are so thankful for our investigators!

Love you all!

-Elder Rife

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