Monday, February 27, 2012

Letter from Elder Rife~February 27, 2012

Sorry this is a little bit later than normal. Today isn't p day and we had an appointment at a buffet for lunch today so we're running a little bit late on emailing today.

This last week was really good!

We met with Brother JaeMoo Yoo twice this week and talked to him a lot about 1 Nephi chapter 3. We then talked about the word of wisdom with him because he told us that he likes drinking a lot. He agreed with everything in the word of wisdom and even wants to stop drinking alcohol but he said that he won't be able to stop for a while. He said that he likes doing it a lot and that his co-workers like to drink. He said he would try his best to not drink but he wouldn't commit to anything. We promised him lots of blessings but he was still pretty set on drinking. He loves the Book of Mormon though! He said he knows it's true so now we just need to help him to realize that if it's true that it means that Joseph Smith was a true prophet and that our church is Jesus Christ's church on the earth.

We met with Sisters Cho and So this week too and they really are loving reading the Book of Mormon together. They both said that they know that it is God's words but when we gave them the commitment to be baptized they both rejected it. They don't think that they need to be baptized again since they've already been baptized. So next time we are gonna talk more about the priesthood and Joseph Smith again so that they will know why they need to be baptized.

We met with Sister Choi and Chris on Tuesday last week and went and did a picnic with them and Aiden at a park in our area. We still haven't had lots of time to teach them because their son always wants to play with us but they both have said that they want to learn more about the Book of Mormon. We haven't been able to set an appointment with them for a few days now though because they have been fighting a little bit. So please pray for them! They need to stop fighting so that we can set an appointment with them and then teach them the gospel. We visited their house and heart-attacked their door and taped the proclamation to the family on their door and so we'll talk about that next time when we meet with them this week.

We also taught Brother Kangwon Lee this last week. He still wants to be baptized in March but he still doesn't really want to come to church cause he doesn't feel like he's gotten an answer yet. We've been working with him on keeping the law of chastity and we made lots of progress last week. We talked about it for a while and he said that he was beginning to understand why it's so important. He also said that he wants to marry a girl who keeps those standards. So we told him that in order to marry someone who keeps those standards he needs to keep them!

On Thursday last week I did my first baptismal interview with one of our zone leader's investigators. She's 49 and wanted to be baptized after she saw her young son get baptized. It was fun to get to sit and talk to her and hear about her conversion and hear her bear her testimony to me. She was baptized last Saturday but we couldn't go cause we had to teach English class here in il-san.

Our investigators are doing really well! We should have like 6 new ones next week and then we will really have no time. I'm wondering if President Lee will make this area a 4 man area soon. We could really use some help up here. We've been traveling so much lately that we have no money so President Lee is thinking about giving us a little bit more money for traveling.

Everything is going great here! Thanks for all the prayers and support. Love you all!

-E. Rife

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