Monday, January 30, 2012

Letter from Elder Rife~January 30, 2012

This last week was super busy! We went all over Il-san every single day. It feels like we are always riding a bus or the subway or walking. All day. It's fun though because we have more and more appointments and we get to teach more now. We haven't been able to proselyte all that much and I feel like I'm getting a little rusty, so we went streetboarding yesterday in a really busy park in our area and it was crazy. There were so many people! It was really fun and we talked to 50 people about the gospel.

Right now we have 13 investigators and 5 of them are keeping commitments and reading the Book of Mormon. We had an appointment to meet with 채은희 and her husband Chris last night but they couldn't meet because their son, Aiden, was feeling really sick. We are really so excited about them and we are so excited to meet with them again. We will meet them this weekend. 

We met a guy named Mr. Jung on Saturday afternoon. He is friends with 양우석, who we got as a referral from Jackie, one of our other investigators. Mr. Jung and 양우석 go to 7th Day Adventist church; we actually met them right after they got out of church. They are super nice and we had a good first meeting. We read the introduction to the Book of Mormon and talked about our purpose as missionaries. They were surprised that we would give up our time and money to come to Korea to teach people. And they were surprised that we can (kind of) speak Korean. Everyone always dies when I tell them my hometown is Daejeon. It was a good first meeting and we hope to meet them this week and teach them about the Restoration. 

We met 이강원 at Pizza Hut on Wednesday. He has so many questions about the church and the Book of Mormon and it's so fun to answer them. He's gotten into some anti-Mormon literature and so we had to talk to him about that. He is always trying to find evidence that the Book of Mormon is true and stuff so we talked to him about how we can't know that it's true unless we pray about it. Then we talked about how if all of the evidence was right there in front of us it would be too easy. We wouldn't have to believe we would just know. No faith would be required. We're gonna start meeting him twice every week. He's such a great guy. He used to be a health trainer but got into a really bad car accident and now he is always at home and has a hard time walking. 

We met with 조명옥 and 소춘애 last week after we emailed. They are in their seventies and like to practice English with us. They read the Book of Mormon in English and Korean each week and we talk about it together. Last week we talked about prophets and it went really well. 

We couldn't meet Jackie last week or Eddie because they were busy but they are reading the Book of Mormon and we will meet with them this week. We also couldn't meet with 유재무 last week cause he was really sick. We're meeting him tomorrow though!

I'm about out of time but this last week was really good! We've been getting so busy lately and I'm so thankful for all of the investigators we've been able to meet. 

Love you all!

-Elder Rife

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