Sunday, November 20, 2011

Letter from Elder Rife~November 14


Lots of good stuff happened this week! Last Monday after I emailed my zone went and hiked a mountain together; well, a Korean mountain. It was about an hour to the top. It was fun! It made me miss Utah mountains, though; mountains that take more than an hour to get to the top. haha. But it was still fun and we made good memories as a zone.

Tuesday we met with 이무현. His English name is David so I'll refer to him as David from now on. We met with him and just talked and hungout for a little while. He really has so much interest in the church and the Book of Mormon. He said that he would come to church but didn't come to church last week. I asked him if his dad was against our church and he said that his dad had just heard lots of stuff about us. I told him that we want him to come to church but we don't want to make his dad mad. He just said. "I'm an adult and can do whatever I want." So that kinda resolved the problem. We taught him the first lesson and he loved it. He's so prepared! It was such a spiritual lesson. Before he left we told him that if he ever needs anything that he should call us. He told us that he felt so much love in his heart and that he felt so happy after. He was feeling the spirit for sure. Then he came to church yesterday and he loved it! It was our primary program and little Korean kids love to sing so it was so loud and fun. haha. He said that everyone at church seemed so happy and that when he went to his other church nobody seemed that happy and all they really did was listen to a preacher. David was so active in each class and was answering questions left and right. Everyone got a long with him and loved him. It was so awesome.

Wednesday we met with a new investigator named 임유성. Brother Im. He is in his seventees and we picked him up through English class. He is such a cool guy. All he does now is exercise and take care of his grandkids. He comes from a family with 10 kids, which is not normal in Korea. And he has 8 kids, I think. I'm not sure; huge family though. So we talked a lot about family and he has been keeping our committments! We want to invite him to church this week so that he can feel of the Spirit there and realize how much more happy his family can be.

Thursday we had Zone Conference which was really fun. It's always fun to get together with other missionaries and to get to see President. We learned about Finding when you Teach and Teaching when you Find. Rather than asking if you can share a message. Just start sharing it on the street. We're still working on it, but it's really fun.

Friday we met with Brother Im again and we taught part of the first lesson: why a Restoration was necessary after Christ's apostles were killed and the Priesthood power was taken from the earth. He loved it and we're going to teach the rest to him next Wednesday! Friday night our Ward mission leader took us out to get steaks! It was soooo good.

Saturday we went to Outback for lunch with a member. (김용원- AP in Seoul West under President Bangerter.) Then we taught English class and taught 황규원 about the Plan of Salvation. We used a little puzzle that Elder Jung had so that we could keep his attention since he's only 11 years old. It was so fun! He's such a good kid and he's really starting to like us a lot. He said such a good closing prayer after we taught him. He said in Korean, "Please bless the people who believe in God, and please bless the people who don't believe in God that they can believe in him someday." Such a cute little kid. He came to church yesterday too and we taught him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Yesterday was such a fun day at church. I love church here and I'm getting to where I can kind of participate in the lessons and make comments. It makes it more of a spiritual experience for me because I can understand a little bit. After church we went and proselyted for a looooooong time cause we needed to talk to lots of people to hit our goal. Then we visited one of our favorite members who left to go on his mission today! We're gonna miss him so much. He's going to the Calgary, Alberta mission where one of my best friends Drew Harris is! I think Drew could be his trainer. Drew comes home next July so he's been out for a while.

Anyway, this week was really busy but things are kinda falling into place for us here and this area is progressing so much. We love this area! I'm so glad that I was transferred here and have met all of the people that I have met! Thanks for all of the prayers in my behalf and in the behalf of my family!

Love you all!

-Elder Rife

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