Monday, October 24, 2011

Letter from Elder Rife~October 24, 2011

What's up!

This week was really good... Although my family was enjoying a leisurely Disney cruise in the Mexican Riviera while I was enjoying some bitter autumn weather, it was all good! Just kidding. haha. I'm glad my family made tons of memories this last week even if it was without the life of the party present. I actually feel bad that everyone went on a vacation without me. Send me pictures soon family!

A lot actually happened this week. I went to a different area for one day last week. 강동 (Kang-dong). It's a pretty nice area! We taught English class there and the English class members asked me if I could come every week because I'm funny. That's always pleasant to hear. right? Then we streetboarded there. I was with Elder Olson. He's in the group that went into the MTC 6 weeks after me. So it was fun to hang out together for a day and talk and work together.

We also had interviews with our mission president last Friday! He's such an amazing mission president. I had a few questions and when I asked him it was like he knew the answer well before I asked the question. He made me feel so much better about my missionary work and helped motivate me even more.

Yesterday 윤상영 received the gift of the Holy Ghost! It was so awesome. He was crying a little bit after. He was so prepared. He wrote us each letters too. I don't understand all of mine yet because it's in Korean, but I'm working on it! He told us that he felt like we came here so that we could meet him and teach him about the Gospel. He seriously is such an amazing guy. Right now he is trying to get into college because he hasn't done any college yet. He's 26 years old and so it's been kind of hard to get into college and he has been declined by several schools. If you could pray that he gets into a college that would be amazing! He was discouraged the other day so we made him cookies and a note and printed a picture of us together and got a frame and took them to him at his house. We shared scriptures about how we can't get discouraged but we need to keep going so that we can figure out the Lord's plan for us. Satan wants us to get discouraged. He loved it and told us that he would pray even more. He's perfect!

Yesterday we had a new investigator come to church. His name is 황규원 and he's only 11 years old. His family is less active. We went to his house on Saturday and then we went to his house again yesterday and picked him up and took him to church with us. I really felt so grateful for my life and my parents after we met him on Saturday. His parents are too busy to spend time with him and don't really do much with him. He's always on his own and he's only 11 years old. We asked him what he ate for dinner and he said ice cream. I felt so bad. My parents always took care of me and fed me and spent time with me and I will be forever grateful for that. I was also humbled that his family was living in an apartment that was about the size of my bedroom back home. It made me feel like a snob. I've been blessed with sooo much. We want to really help him and be his friends and help him make friends at church and teach him more about God and the gospel.

Yesterday we went to 이천, pretty far from our area. Elder Jung had to do a baptismal interview then we came back and went to the other side of our area to meet with Jeff and Cynthia. I think I mentioned them last week. They feed us every week and let us choose what we want to eat since they buy food on the base. We had steak fajitas! Sooo amazing. Anyway that was our week! Pretty good week and I'm sure my family had a good week! Tomorrow is temple day so we're pretty excited to get to go to the temple. Anyway love you all. Thanks for everything!!

-Elder Rife

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