Monday, October 17, 2011

Letter from Elder Rife~October 17, 2011

Last week on Monday night we got transfer calls...................But don't worry Elder Jung and I are staying. haha. We were so excited when we heard that we would be staying. We didn't think that they would have us whitewash and then split us up but still anything can happen. Neither of us want to leave this ward anytime soon. Things are so good here and we love the ward and the area and everything right now. I will for sure be pretty bummed when the time comes that I have to leave this area.

So yesterday was the day we've been waiting for! 윤상영 got baptized yesterday! It was such an awesome experience. We wanted to have a member baptize him that way when we leave he will still be in the same ward with the person who baptized him but he decided to have me baptize him. Neither Elder Jung or I really cared who baptized him; just the fact that he made the choice to get baptized made us so happy that we didn't care. 윤상영 said that it was like choosing between his mom and his dad. haha. So on Saturday night he texted us and said that he wanted me to do it. So yesterday he came to church and stuff then after church we changed and started the service. There was an 8 year old boy in our ward that was getting baptized too so it was really fun. 윤상영's sister came to church and came to the service after. She's still meeting with the sisters but we hope to meet with her too and have 윤상영 be the member present. I think it will be perfect. Hopefully we will get to teach their parents too in the future. It was just a perfect day yesterday and everything went so well. We got him new scriptures as a present. Small Korean ones. And we bought him a nice tie from a department store to wear with his new suit. The young single adults in the ward all made a card for him and wrote notes to him. He told us that when he was reading it it almost made him cry. He's amazing.

When Elder Jung and I were talking about the reason that we were sent to 분당 to whitewash it became very obvious that the reason we came here is for 윤상영. I don't doubt that there are many more reasons for us to be here but I know we came here at the time we did so that we could meet him. We met him on our second day in this area and have talked to him every day since. We know that the reason we came here was so that we could meet 윤상영 and teach him the gospel. It's been amazing to see the change in his countenance as he has gone through the conversion process. He's so happy!

Pretty much everything else last week doesn't compare to yesterday. Lots of proselyting and visiting members. We visited less active members but they weren't home so we left our member message card at their door and wrote them a quick note inviting them to church. My MTC companion, Elder Boyer, got transferred to the area right next to ours. So we went streetboarding together last week and it was pretty fun to see him and proselyte together a little.

Last night we had dinner with a couple named Jeff and Cynthia Jensen. Jeff works on the base here and they go to the English-speaking ward in Seoul. We met them a few weeks ago and they said that they wanted to have us over about every week or so to have dinner. They're super nice and it was awesome to get to give a message in English, haha, and we had steaks so I was pretty pumped about that. They told us that if we ever need anything or are hungry we just need to call them. I really love people like that. I want to always help the missionaries when I get home.

Well there's really not a whole lot else that happened this week. Pretty much the highlight of the week and month and transfer was 윤상영's baptism! It was amazing.

Today for P-day we're going to another church building to play basketball and stuff so I'm pretty excited! 

Anyway, I love you all! Thanks for your prayers and support!

-라이후 장로

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