Monday, August 8, 2011

Letter from Elder Rife~August 8, 2011

Hi Everyone!

This week was seriously so hot outside! I was dying. Last Thursday we had a conference with half of the mission. It wasn't a sports conference but we did a bunch of activities then had a testimony meeting. It was pretty good but I was kinda bored throughout the whole thing and was actually just wishing that we were doing missionary work. It was weird. I felt like we were wasting time. haha. Last Wednesday right before we had Combined District Meeting I met with the Zone Leaders and did ZL pass-off. My ZL said that I am ready to do AP pass off whenever I can. I made an appointment but it's not till the 16th! That's so far away. But I guess I will have more time to study. I have to memorize D&C 4 in Korean; I almost have it down.

The week really wasn't the best for missionary work until yesterday. Yesterday was pretty rough because it was fast Sunday and it was unbearably hot and humid outside. We decided to go streetboarding after church in front of the Anyang library. It was definitely an act of faith because I could barely stand I was so hungry. We talked to a lot of people and taught these two kids a short lesson on one of the boards before they went into the library. Then we packed up everything and walked back to the church to cool off and drop off the boards. While we were at the church we got a phone call. It was the two kids! (Before when we had asked them for their numbers they said no. haha). Then they called us. They asked if they could meet with us right then, so we met them down the road a ways and brought them into our church. We answered a bunch of their questions about our church and showed them around our church. Then we gave them copies of the Book of Mormon and committed them to reading the Intro chapter. We will meet with them later this week. One of them is the army, but gets done every day at 6. And the other is a college student right now. It was amazing because we found out that they were at the library and wanted to schedule a room to study in but the next open room wasn't for another hour. So they felt like they should call us! It was such a huge miracle. It was amazing.

I was fasting for my mom, of course. And so that we could find some new investigators to teach. My testimony of fasting really has been strengthened. It was amazing. I don't know exactly what will happen with them but I am thankful that we found them. Now we just need to teach them well and help them to feel of the spirit. I'm so excited!

Last night we had dinner with a few of the families in the ward. It's always so fun to spend time with them. I've gotten to know them really well so now I can kind of be my loud self around them with my limited Korean abilities. It's so much fun.

So really not much else happened last week. We contacted lots of people and stuff but yesterday was amazing. Huge miracle. Thank you to everyone who prays for me and supports me out here. I know that this miracle was an answer to my prayers and your prayers. I'm so thankful to be a missionary right now. It's so fun and such an amazing experience!

- Elder Rife

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