Monday, August 29, 2011

Letter from Elder Rife~August 29

Hello Everyone!

My second transfer is pretty much done! We get transfer calls tonight. I legitimately have no clue what will happen. I've been in Anyang for two transfers now and I've passed off so it's pretty likely that I will be moved to another area with another new companion. Elder Ishino and I have set some really high goals for next transfer that we think we can hit, so I really want to stay in Anyang for one more before I get transferred. But I have no idea what will happen. We'll get the call tonight though so I'm pretty pumped to find out what will happen!

This week was pretty good. We had temple day, which was awesome, and we also had Zone Conference. Monday was a busy day for us so we really only had 4 days to do missionary work this week. I hate when we only have half of the week to do everything that we need to do, but oh well. I'm realizing that there are things besides missionary work that we have to do. So now when I get to do missionary work I appreciate it more and try to be as effective as humanly possible. We still talked to a lot of people this week even though we only had 4 days to talk to people.

On Tuesday after we went to the temple we went to SoDaeMun to eat lunch with Bishop Cho and Sister Lee, my Korean Grandma and Grandpa. They cooked amazing food for Elder Ishino and me and 4 other missionaries. I felt so grateful for all they they did to cook all that food for us. I tried to wash the dishes for them but they wouldn't let me. Bishop Cho showed me pictures from the last time I was at his house. It was almost exactly 10 years ago and it was so funny to look at all of the pictures. I was so little and fat. haha. I'm so grateful for all of the people I have who support me right now. The Chos really do take such good care of me out here and I wish there was a way to repay them. Their granddaughter Sonhee will be here in about two months and I am so excited to see her! She went to BYU and ate Sunday dinner at my house for several months so I've gotten to know her well.

This Sunday Sara Kang promised us that she would come to church, but she didn't come for the 6th time straight. Not fun. Then after church we got punked by another kid who we were supposed to meet with. Yesterday wasn't the best. But we've been doing a lot of streetboarding and it's such a good way to talk to a lot of people and find new investigators. If Elder Ishino and I stay together we want to streetboard every day in as many as 5 different locations. I'm pretty sure we could set new records for how many people we talk to each week if we can streetboard everyday. I know that wherever I get transferred to will be the right place for me, but right now I feel like I want to have one more in Anyang. We'll see, though!

Not a whole lot happened this week out here. I'm sure a lot will happen in this next week though. Last week I went on splits to another area with an Elder Mersmann. It was fun, but when I got back to Anyang I was glad to be back. After being here for 3 months it really does feel like my home.

My whole family got to stay at our cabin this last week and it was so good to see all the pictures of them! It looked like they had so much fun. I love seeing the pictures of my family. It feels like it's been so long since I've seen my family. It's weird. But I don't really get homesick when I see pictures or anything. I still have a lot that I need to do out here so my mind is pretty preoccupied. Hopefully I still feel like this after I see all the pictures they take on their Disney Cruise. haha.

Sorry there wasn't a whole lot to report this week. There will be more to report next week, especially if I get transferred out of Anyang. Thanks for all of the support and prayers in my behalf and in the behalf of my fam! I love you all!

-Elder Rife

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