Monday, July 4, 2011

Letter from Elder Rife~July 4, 2011

Another good week. No food poisoning this week so that was good. We ate with a lot of members. One of them took us out to Outback Steakhouse. It amazes me how much I can eat. I don't know if it's because I'm a missionary or what but I swear I can eat more food. I've lost weight too. Sad. I'm getting smaller and smaller. haha. The members always tell me that I look so skinny compared to my pictures from back home. They say that I was fat in the pictures but then I have to explain to them that I was strong, not fat. Now I'm just little, haha, but it's all good. I do P90X every morning and night so that I can stay lean at least.

Anyway, last Tuesday I went on splits again, only this time I was with Elder Westarp who got to Korea at the same time I did! Two greenies together. My companion is the district leader and went on splits with Elder Westarp's companion. He didn't know that you weren't allowed to put two greenies together. Anyway, we spent 24 hours together and contacted/proselyted all day. It was awesome! He came to Anyang so I was the Senior Companion for a day and got to decide what we did and where we went. It was a great opportunity for me. We walked 10 miles that day! So awesome. Elder Westarp is a great guy; he's from Portage, Utah. (I had no clue what Portage, Utah was.) There're only 200 people from his city. He's really quiet. I'm the opposite, and so, since we were in my area, I had to take the lead. It was a good opportunity for me to get to talk to people without someone (Elder Lee) there to back me up if I got lost. So awesome. I really felt like I was doing missionary work and talking to people.

Then on Thursday last week we had interviews with the President. Our mission president is so amazing. He gave me a lot of good advice and told me that I will make a great leader in the future. I hope so. I also did midway pass-off with the ZL's after my interview. Pretty intense. I was nervous and I didn't feel ready. It took about an hour to do and it was an hour of only Korean. I taught him four random principles and he quizzed me on vocabulary. I had to get 27/30 random words right. I went 27/27 then he asked me 3 words that people don't usually get right and I got them right too! One of them was "to be reunited" which is 재결합하다. I'm the first to get that one right! I really felt like the Lord was blessing me because I had so many things to remember, but I did it! Now I have to pass of the 3rd lesson and 4th lesson and do certified pass-off with the ZL's and with the AP's. Yikes. My goal is to do it by two weeks into my second transfer. I think that's realistic. Then hopefully I can go senior in my third transfer. We'll see. I want to be really prepared.

Thursday for lunch we went out to eat with Hunter Hamhm (함현철). He's the Noni country manager of Korea. I had no clue who he was and so we got in his car and I felt like I was being kidnapped for a second. Then a guy that he was with had a Noni badge on his shirt and I realized they were from Noni. He brought a guy that works in marketing with him and we got his info and hope to teach him. He lives in our area and is going to give us Noni, I hope. They were really nice and it was good to go out to eat.

Last weekend I saw a billboard for the Harry Potter 7 part two movie. When I saw it I was thinking that it's weird that people go to movies and do things other than study Korean. That seems like the purpose of my existence right now. All I do is study Korean.

We met with 최진영 last week and it went well.. She's not too interested in the Gospel right now but I really think she will be. She's a great person and I really hope that we can teach her well and help her to feel the spirit.

Mom, you asked for a list of investigators names.. I'll write them in Korean and maybe you can translate them to English...
최진영, 김찬울(should be baptized soon), 김채운(also should be baptized soon), 윤형근, 주미순, Bruce (he's Korean). There you go!

Well I'm pretty much out of time. This week was a really good week! I thought a lot about my family, especially my brothers. Brian because it's his birthday and I thought about how Todd is such a good example of hard work. I hope everything is going well back home! Hopefully we have a few baptismal dates when I write next week! Love you all!

-Elder Rife

P.S. Dad your Babe Ruth joke was hilarious. "Now that is funny."

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