Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Letter from Elder Rife~June 21, 2011

Week 2!

First off, sorry this is later than you were expecting. Apparently we have temple day once a transfer and when we have it, it makes our P-day change to Tuesday. I'm sure you were wondering why you didn't get an email. I'm sorry! It will only happen once per transfer.

This week was a lot better. I'm getting a hang of the "real" mission schedule and am getting used to the way people talk. A little. It's such a hard language, though. Just when I think I understand what someone says, they say something else and I don't understand a word of it. I hate not being able to communicate sometimes. But I know that I will learn this language.

This last week was interesting. We had a combined district meeting, which is pretty much just a Zone conference but the Zone leaders do the conference instead of the mission president. It was really good. Then last Wednesday I went on splits because my companion had some military stuff that he had to take care of and a meeting that the mission president had with all of the Korean missionaries. I was with an Elder named Elder Dooley; he's from Idaho. We were in the Ansan area together for two days. It was really fun to be in another area and get to go be with an American for a while. We definitely attracted a lot of attention when we walked down the street.

Last weekend we pretty much just did a lot of proselyting and stuff, which was hard because it was so hot and humid outside. I was sweating so bad. I don't know why anyone would want to stop and talk to me in that kind of heat, which is probably why we got rejected so much. People don't have much patience when it's like a steam room outside. But the Lord has prepared someone and the weather doesn't affect that. I don't think. haha.

Last Sunday we got a referral from another area for someone who wants to learn English. We met the person and couldn't tell whether it was a boy or a girl on the phone. When we met them it was a 19 year old girl. So while I talked to her my comp tried to find a member who could come meet with us because we aren't allowed to teach girls without someone else there. We found someone and talked to her for a while and worked on English. It's the 30-30 program. We teach English for 30 minutes then teach the gospel for 30 minutes. It went really well and we plan to meet with her next weekend. I don't know why but I just have a good feeling about her. I feel like she will accept the gospel and I can't wait to teach her again. Hopefully I can learn more Korean in the next week before we meet her again.

The pass off program is pretty intense in our mission. I don' t have time to explain it but you have to learn a loooot of vocabulary and teach lessons to leaders in the mission and memorize lots of stuff. I've already passed off all the vocabulary for the first lesson and taught the first lesson to my district leader (my comp). I'm gonna teach the second one this Friday. There's so much to do in the pass off system and it seems overwhelming. I've set the goal to pass of in the first transfer. Which might be impossible. They said that only one American has ever done it. I hope to do it.. If I don't, then I want to do it in the first week of the next transfer. Pray for me! It's the hardest I've ever studied for anything in my entire life. After I study Korean my brain hurts so bad. It will be worth it though when I can teach and testify effectively.

Well I don't have much time left but I love you all and am loving being a missionary! It's not easy. If anyone says it is, they're lying. But it's worth it. I felt a small portion of the joy of missionary work after we met with the 19 year old girl last Sunday. It's a good feeling to be doing the Lord's work. Anyway, thanks for all of the prayers and support!

Elder Rife

P.S. I bought a nice translator if you were wondering why there is money out of my account. :)

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