Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kind Words about Elder Rife via Facebook

Dad received this message from Jae Keun Song via Facebook:

President Rife,
My wife saw your son in the MTC today when she was there for TRC. She was very impressed with your son. He spoke Korean amazingly good. He even cited the scriptures in Korean without even looking. She felt that he has been well prepared. He will be an excellent missionary. Thank you for your love for Korea and Korean people.
Bro. Song

Here is Dad's response:

Thank you so, so, so, so much for this message. You don't know how happy this makes the father of a missionary feel. I'm so happy he's doing well. He is so excited about his mission call. Since he was a little boy, he has wanted to serve his mission in Korea. He is trying his very best to learn the language. He goes to Korea this coming Monday, June 6th, and he is very excited. Thank you, Brother Song, for your kind message, which really made me happy, as I, too, love Korea and Koreans and am proud to have a missionary son serve in Korea! Thank you!

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