Friday, March 25, 2011

Writing to Michael in the MTC


Dear Family,

If you wish to write Michael, you may easily do so through two different ways. First, at any time, whether he’s in the MTC or in Korea, you may write to him at his new email address, which is:

If you use this route, he will receive your email message on his preparation day. He is only supposed to email back to his parents, though. If he sends you a response, he will need to do so through snail mail. As you know, we will edit (to the extent deemed reasonable) his weekly parental email message and post it on his blog, which Laura so wonderfully created, which is:

The second way you may communicate with Michael, and only while he is in the MTC, is through

To use, you will need to sign up for an account. Then, you can email Michael, and will print your email and put a paper copy of it in Michael’s mailbox the day you send it (if you send it in the morning). That way, he won’t need to wait for P-Day to get your message.

Each time you use, they will remind you that they operate based on donations, and it would be nice of you to donate. I have donated, and I will continue to donate generously for all of us. So please use their service, guilt-free, knowing that I’ve paid for the privilege.

To direct your dearelder email to Michael, you will need this information: Elder Michael Rife, MTC Box 114, (mission) KOR-SEO, (departure date) 0607.

I can tell you from personal experience that, when you’re studying hard at the MTC (or working hard in Korea), it surely feels nice to get an encouraging word from home. So I hope we will use the means available to us to support our missionary.

With love,

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